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Smartwool Difference

pushing the boundaries of Merino

The Smartwool story started on a rugged Colorado ski slope with the belief that toes didn�t have to be cold. One simple pair of Merino socks challenged the conventional wisdom and forever changed the way outdoor enthusiasts looked at their feet. It�s not just about the Merino, though. It�s what we do with it that makes Smartwool different. For over 20 years, we�ve been pushing the boundaries of Merino to create smarter, more capable products from head to toe. 

To celebrate our 20 years of helping get people get outside, we created a new brand video to tell our story. We are really proud of our heritage, but we're even more proud of our fans. Without them, we wouldn�t be here now. Take a few minutes on this busy day to hear their stories and learn a little something more about us. Go far. Feel good.


It's No Fluke it's Called Smartwool: 

When you live, work and play in a place where all four seasons can happen in any given day, real world testing can and does happen every day � and by calling the Colorado Rockies home, that's exactly what Smartwool do.  For over 17 years Smartwool has been combining the latest in innovative design, technology and construction with the best wool nature has to offer, and it's this expertise and experience combined with a passion for mountain sports that makes Smartwool products so unique.

Why Smartwool?

Not All Sheep Are Created Equal - NZ Merino Wool:

One of the reasons Merino wool from the Southern Hemisphere is so amazing is the climate. Merino sheep face some of the most demanding and varying conditions on the planet, from hot summers to harsh winters. To stay comfortable in such varied conditions, these Merinos grow a unique coat of wool that keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This coat is whiter, lighter, finer, smoother and stronger than other wool from other parts of the world.

Why Merino Wool?

At the heart and soul of every Smartwool product is the amazing fibre we use: nature�s finest Merino wool. Used properly, we think it�s the best fibre available for outdoor apparel � it manages moisture better than cotton, is smarter than synthetics and is more comfortable in any weather condition. In our hands, it becomes extraordinary.

Merino wool is the most dependable fiber when the only thing you can count on is a change in the weather. It�s year-round, breathable, and naturally resists odour. Plus, it doesn�t itch like traditional wool. Now that�s one amazing fibre.

Natural Merino Benefits

Odour Patrol: Because of wool's ability to effectively manage moisture, odour-causing bacteria don't have the moist environment they need to thrive. You can wear wool during intense activity and over extended periods of time without having to worry about odour.

Repels Dirt: Wool is a natural dirt repellent, too. The scales and crimp that give wool its shape also prevent dirt from penetrating the fibre surface. And, because these fibres are naturally static resistant as well, they're less likely to attract dust and lint.

Water Repellant: Keratin, the same protein that gives wool its great elasticity and strength, is also responsible for wool being a natural water repellent. It's able to shed away small quantities of moisture from its surface with ease.

Say 'No' to Static: Wool's ability to retain moisture is also responsible for its static resistance.  The retention of moisture within the fibre prevents a build-up of static electricity and the spark or "cling" associated with it. 

Ditch the Itch: Wool is infamous for being an itchy fabric. Merino wool however, is a different story.  Merino wool is able to ditch the itch thanks to its fibre's small diameter, or being "finer" than regular wool. These fibres are flexible and softly bend when pressed against the skin and, therefore, don't itch like other wool.  These finer fibres also enhance wool's elastic nature, making garments made with Merino wool more able to conform to the shape of the body they're on, enhancing the garment's performance and the wearer's comfort.

Quick Drying: Generally, the thicker the fabric, the more moisture it's able to retain and the longer it takes to dry.  Our fine-spun Merino wool fabrics dry as quickly as any performance synthetic fabric of comparable weight.


Your Body in Merino

Your core temperature

  • When you exercise, your muscles produce heat. During physical activity, your body temperature can rise up to 3 degrees. To combat this, your body starts to sweat to cool down. Known as �evaporative cooling�, this process is your body�s natural mechanism to maintain a lower core temperature. Merino moves moisture as a vapor, before it even has a chance to turn to sweat, keeping you cooler.
  • Research shows that because of wool�s effective moisture management, you maintain a lower and more stable core body temperature when wearing wool next to skin instead of synthetics.

Your heart rate

  • When you exercise, your muscles produce heat, which in turn, heats your blood. As you begin to sweat, your body�s blood volume decreases, your blood pressure drops, and blood flow between your muscles and your skin is reduced.
  • Research shows that because of wool�s efficiency assisting your body�s natural cooling process, you can maintain a lower heart rate when wearing wool next to skin instead of synthetics.

Lactic acid build-up

  • When you exercise, your core body temperature rises as your blood works to deliver enough oxygen to your muscles. This triggers lactic acid production.
  • Lactic acid build-up results in fatigue, muscle pain, and even cramps. When you slow the rate at which your core body temperature increases, you also slow the rate at which lactic acid? builds up.
  • Research has shown that wearing wool next to your skin is an effective way to limit rise in core body temperature during exercise, slowing the rate at which lactic acid builds up in your muscle.


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