The Smartwool brand was built on the desire to be comfortable on outdoor adventures - we wanted to go further and experience more.  This is what drives us.  We are a collection of likeminded people with a passion for outdoor adventures, and our purpose is to bring comfort, joy, and community to a life lived outdoors. 

Smartwool openness - we strive to be a more transparent and responsible company


We strive to be more transparent every day. From sharing more about our supply chain to simply letting people know the direction we plan on heading, we want to build and maintain trust with our customers and friends. 

Smartwool Advocacy


We believe in doing everything we can to sustain and preserve our one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring environment. From building trails to partnering with organisations that protect nature, the Smartwool community wants to help give everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of the outdoors. 

At Smartwool, we want to back our desires with actions that put things in motion


 We relentlessly pursue our goals. It’s one thing to say something and it’s another to do the thing you say. We want to back our desires with actions that put things in motion. We know that the most difficult problems are always the most rewarding to solve. 

Smartwool Inclusivity


  We believe that the outdoors belong to no one and, at the same time, to everyone. We believe in being compassionate, actively kind, generous, and accountable to everyone. What’s the good of creating all of this if we can’t share it?

Smartwool is fun-loving


We got into this whole thing (socks, base layers, clothes, accessories, etc.) because it’s fun to be outside. We hope to never lose sight of the thing that inspired us to create all of this - the joy of being in wild places. We want our gear and culture to inspire joyful, spontaneous, and wild moments in the outdoors for everyone, including ourselves.


We are passionate about the great outdoors, and we create Merino wool clothes, socks and accessories designed to help you get the most out of our beautiful backyard.  Whether it's heading off the beaten track or simply walking your dog along the beach, Smartwool let's you enjoy the experience without giving blisters and clammy base layers a second thought.  Go far, feel good.

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