Wear Often, Wash Easily

Because of it's odour-repelling, anti-microbial properties, you can wear Merino wool for days before it needs to be washed.  Not only does this allow you to have more fun outdoors exploring new tracks or perfecting your pace, because you are washing less often you're also reducing your environmental impact.  When it does come time to throw your Merino gear in the wash, we've got some top tips to help you extend the life of your favourite pieces.

How to wash Smartwool Merino socks and clothing


Generally, Smartwool® products are machine washable, but please do check washing instructions on each garment for best results.

1. Turn socks and clothing inside-out.
2. Machine-wash on gentle or delicate cycle in cool or warm water (hot water may shrink wool so please avoid this).
3. Use mild soap only (no bleach or fabric softener as these destroy the Merino wool fibres and their benefits)
4. Most of our Merino may be tumble-dried, but we recommend air-drying to reduce energy consumption and further extend the life of each product.  

Lay your wool clothes flat so as not to distort the garments shape.  If you do prefer to use the dryer, check the product care label first, and tumble-dry on a low setting.

How to care for your Smartwool water repellent (DWR) products


Some of our jackets and vests contain a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to help keep you dry. If required, occasional cleaning will keep your DWR working well, however excessive cleaning will eventually wash off the treatment and it will need to be reapplied.

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